Account Types

MyanPay provide two types of accounts.Between these two accounts, most of MyanPay functions are same, but some functions are different.

You can open Personal Account easily but MyanPay will validate some require informations for Business account.

Personal Account

  • Maily purpose for Personal use.
  • This account type can make online shopping, sent money, receive money, online donation and many other functions.
  • You can add money from minimum 1,000 Kyats to maximum 2,000,000 Kyats.

Business Account

  • Maily purpose for Business use.
  • Most of Business Account functions are same with Personal account. But, Business Account can make online business. (eg. Selling your product at your website and accept MyanPay Online Payment.)
  • You can add money from minimum 10,000 Kyats to Maximum 10,000,000 Kyats.

Compare MyanPay Account Types

Personal Bussiness
Add Money
Withdraw Money
Send Money
Request Money
Receive Money
Buying Product (Shopping)
Mobile SMS Verification
Selling Single Item
Selling Multiple  Products -
MyanPay Shopping Cart Services -
Developer Support -
Customer Service availability
24x7 Phone, Email Support
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