Getting Started

To Do Tasks

Before you start send money, receive money, online shopping and selling your product, you will make following tasks.
  • Open a MyanPay account and select your preferred account type.

  • Set up your business profile if you select a Business account.

  • Create a confidential password.( Example - your password should include at least one speical character like !@#$%^&* )

  • Activate MyanPay account using email and Mobile SMS.

  • Complete account verification process step by step.

  • You can verify your MyanPay account by Add funds to your account using Bank Transfer, Bank Account or Prepaid Card.

  • Choose Your MyanPay Login Verification type (Captcha code, Email or SMS).

  • You can change Verification Setting at your Profile (Optional).

  • You can change Notification Setting at your Profile (Optional).

  • You can check your cash transaction history at your account (Optional).

  • Generate your MyanPay simple payment buttons or MyanPay payment buttons API through integration.

  • Familiar with Myanpay Services such as managing business and payment, deposit and withdraw funds, refunds and resolve customer disputes etc.

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