How MyanPay Works
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MyanPay works online payment system based on Bank Transaction in Myanmar. MyanPay makes it easy to send and receive online payments, whether you're doing it for personal or business reasons - it's an all-in-one solution.

1. Sender simply makes a payment online

  • Sender makes a shopping online by clicking on a MyanPay payment button or using MyanPay "send money" features.

2. Payment is securely and conveniently processed at MyanPay

  • MyanPay processes the payment in real-time, withdraw it from the sender and transfer it to seller or receiver.
  • MyanPay will send a confirmation email to both parties for this payment transaction.

3. Receiver gets paid easily

  • The money is instantly available in the receiver's MyanPay account, which can be withdrawn by receiver's bank account, receiver's ATM and by bank transfer easily.

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