Security Policy

We, MyanPay, have been making effort to protect our customers with the application of security system. There are many stages to make self-protection of the customers. We are very willing to provide this information to you so that you may cooperate with us in order not to cheat and to protect your MyanPay account.

Password Policy

    - Not to utilize sharing with other people at anytime your MyanPay password.
    - The responsible person of MyanPay never asks for your password at anytime.
    - In the event of being suspicious of anyone’s application of your password, do contact urgently with your password to us.
    - Despite remembering easily by you, do select a password difficult for other people to be known.
    - In order to create password of safety standard, the best technique is to select a word comprising of two or three alphabets by adding two numerals or three at the end of the phrase. Avoid selection of noticeable words and dates as in nicknames, child names and date of birth.
    - In selecting your password, it is a good imagination and idea to make combination of small letters and large letters of the numerals.
    - For online services, such as hotmail or yahoo, don’t apply a single password.
    - For considerable websites, apply the single password makes your private material hack easily.

Secure Websites

In providing the imperative personal details such as bank account or credit card number in any website, check and ensure to treat your confidential information for the website. MyanPay is a secure and safe website. The website you are in use now can be tested for the security with the use of two ways. Do check and ensure https or not instead of http in the website URL. Do surf whether or not to have the bottom of the left side or right side of your browsers of such lock icon.

Email Security

MyanPay never send the email claiming for the financial elements or your password from you. In case the email to you is not sure from MyanPay or not, directly surf MyanPay Website The suspicious email should not be pressed from any link. This security rate will provide assistance for ensuring the access to MyanPay. Your username and password are to be placed directly and only one website that is

Data Security and Encryption

Your information, your processes, and financial status and their safety standard is the key to our job which has been attached great importance by MyanPay. Your confidential information will be acquired by MyanPay from your computer to us, secure sockets layer protocol (SSL) prior to surfing or registration to our website, our server will examine on application of your acknowledged browser (uses SSL). As soon as your confidential information arrives to us, it will be inserted in the server that has been constructed safely and tightly. Our server has set off electronic firewall, not directly communicating with the internet and so only computers permitted private data can be used for surfing.

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