Why use MyanPay?

Free Sign-up

When you sign up a MyanPay account, you never have to worry. You never have to pay sign-up fees, maintenance fees, membership fees, monthly or yearly fees.

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Fast & Secure

MyanPay is faster and safer way to pay online. We keep your financial information securely encrypted so you can pay online with confidence, even if you don’t know the seller.

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All-in-one Solution

We support multiple payment methods for online checkout. You can make payment with MPU credit/debit card, Manual Bank transfer, Internet & Mobile Banking and more.

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MyanPay helps buyers, sellers and businesses protect by providing secure payment collection services. Buyer & Seller can trust each others because we already verify all information and their payments.

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Why MyanPay is secure?

Personal Verification

Maximum Data Security

GeoIP Tracking

Fraud Prevention

Transaction Monitoring

SSL Encryption

How MyanPay Works?

MyanPay is an easy, fast, and secure E-commerce system. It's an all-in-one solution.

How to start using MyanPay?

1 Sign up for free

Enter your correct personal Information.

2 Account Verfication

Verify with your Personal ID, NRC, Driving License or Passport.

3 Link with your bank accounts and cards

Add funds & Link with your Bank account or MPU card.

4 Checkout with MyanPay

Secure Checkout with Buyer Protection.