Express Checkout API

MyanPay provides payment buttons as a quick and easy solution for accepting payments at your website. It’s just simply login to your account, create payment button and copy/paste button's HTML to your website. These buttons are easy to integrate and are available in different styles. If you are a seller and need a easy to use , secure payment solution, you can get benefits of these buttons types. MyanPay payment standard buttons allow merchants to easily accept payment at their website for goods, services and donation.


  • Only MyanPay Business account can use Express Checkout button.
  • Your MyanPay account must be verify all of verification steps.

How it works

  • Firstly, merchants can create a button that represents their product.
  • MyanPay E-commerce System will generate HTML code for this button.
  • Then merchant can insert this button to their site by simply cutting and pasting HTML code at their website.
  • Customer can buy your products by clicking these buttons at merchant's site.
  • They can make payment for products at MyanPay E-commerce System.
  • Finally, Merchants can accept E-commerce System for their products.
  • You can instantly withdraw payment that have in your MyanPay Account.

Benefits of MyanPay E-commerce System Standard Button

  • Accept E-commerce System easily and securely
  • Built-in fraud prevention
  • Customers only need to enter their personal information once
  • Only one low fee per transaction
  • Inventory management
  • Saved Button Management
  • Customizable checkout experience
  • Shipping and tax support