Multiple Checkout API

MyanPay provides payment buttons as a quick and easy solution for accepting payments at your website. It’s just simply login to your account, create payment button and copy/paste button's HTML to your website. These buttons are easy to integrate and are available in different styles. If you are a seller and need a easy to use , secure payment solution, you can get benefits of these buttons types. MyanPay payment standard buttons allow merchants to easily accept payment at their website for goods, services and donation.

PHP MyanPay Multi Checkout Payment

PHP Sample Code [ Download ]

ASP.Net MyanPay Multi Checkout Payment

ASP.Net Sample Code [ Download ]


  • Only MyanPay Business account can use Multiple Checkout button.
  • Your MyanPay account must be verify all of verification steps.

How it works

  • Firstly, merchants can create a button that represents their product.
  • MyanPay E-commerce System will generate HTML code for this button.
  • Then merchant can insert this button to their site by simply cutting and pasting HTML code at their website.
  • Customer can buy your products by clicking these buttons at merchant's site.
  • They can make payment for products at MyanPay E-commerce System.
  • Finally, Merchants can accept E-commerce System for their products.
  • You can instantly withdraw payment that have in your MyanPay Account.

Benefits of MyanPay E-commerce System Standard Button

  • Accept E-commerce System easily and securely
  • Built-in fraud prevention
  • Customers only need to enter their personal information once
  • Only one low fee per transaction
  • Inventory management
  • Saved Button Management
  • Customizable checkout experience
  • Shipping and tax support